Our founder, Anna Seifert-Erving,  has been working to save Pekingese in Southern California for the past 14 years. In 2012, a small group of dedicated volunteers came together to form an official organization which allowed us to further extend our abilities to rescue. We are now in partnership with both the city and county of Los Angeles shelters, working to help save as many lives as possible.


Alura has no endowment, nor do we currently receive any funding from any city, county, state or federal sources. We have no paid employees; we are all volunteers who give our time to help the animals. We rely solely on donations to fund our operations, which involves very high costs for rehabilitation. With your tax deductible donation, we can continue our life-saving work. 

Our Fostering Philosophy

We are a small rescue for a reason: we prefer to provide home-based foster care for the dogs so that they get plenty of attention and loving care. Pekingese dogs have high veterinary and grooming requirements, and we are committed that dogs who have experienced abandonment or neglect in shelters should be nurtured back to health and well-being. We have multiple foster homes throughout the seven counties we serve in southern California. 

Our director and board members  

Anna Seifert-Erving, Executive Director
Lisa Schweitzer, Director of Operations
Jami Smith,  Events coordinator
Maria Givan, Board Member


Magic mostly supervises our activities from the couch. 

Peke Wrangler Jami volunteers at an adoption event. 

Peke Wrangler Jami volunteers at an adoption event.