Alura Peke Rescue is committed to rescuing animals from kill shelters throughout southern California. We temperament test each animal we admit into our rescue.   Our euthanization policy comes up usually for dogs who are in pain due to age or medical conditions. 

  1.  We  pursue both medical and behavioral rehabilitation to every degree possible.  We do not return animals in our care to shelters for any reason. 
  2.  We use positive training methods and work with a certified canine behavioralist in order to help dogs that have been abused and neglected fit into homes.  All our dogs stay with foster homes where they are socialized, played with, and treated like part of the family. 
  3. Unfortunately, in the course of our work, we do encounter animals suffering from such severe injuries, medical problems, and behavioral conditions that we can not provide the help they need. We make the best effort we possibly can to rehabilitate animals, but there are times when humane euthanasia is the only compassionate or responsible course to make for the animal and for public safety. 
  4. In such circumstances, the decision is made jointly by Alura's co-directors; both directors must agree on the decision. This decision is informed by consultation with our regular veterinarian.  Our decisions are taken with long deliberation and sincere loving kindness for the animals in our care. 
  5. Euthanasia is performed by our veterinarian with every possible consideration made for the comfort and end-of-life quality for the animal. One of the directors is always present in the room to observe the procedure and to provide comfort and familiarity to the dog.