How do I adopt a dog from you?

1. Call Anna at (949) 400-5735 or email her at

Pekes just aren’t for everybody, adorable as these little dogs are. Please call or email Anna. If you leave a message, please  remember to state your name, phone number, where you live, and what dog you’d like to inquire about.

2. If Anna encourages you to apply, please fill out an adoption application, (offsite at a secure form server).

The adoption contract should only take a few moments to finish, and this information will help us match you to a dog better.

Here's a hotlink to the adoption application. 

3. Adoption committee review.

Our adoption process requires vet references, personal references and a home check. We aren’t trying to snoop; we don’t care about whether you have a messy bedroom. We are visiting your home to check the match between your setup and the dog’s needs. Some dogs are active and escape artists, and they really need a secure yard. Or maybe an apartment with an some one who walks everyday. Other dogs are less prone to getting out. Our home checks are designed to help you get ready for your new friend, too.

After meeting with you at the adoption fair and introducing you to the dogs, the adoption committee will meet, check references, schedule a home visit, and discuss and make a decision with regard to adoption.

4. Adoption contract and placement fees.

A contractual agreement is completed between Alura and the adopter, and a placement fee is due at this time. Our adoption fees range from $175 to $350, depending on the dog and the situation.We will sometimes waive or lower fees.

Can we adopt out of state?

Yes, we will adopt animals out of state under certain conditions. First, we have to be dealing with a very stable dog, the type of very placeable dog that fits in to just about any home with ease. Why? Well, with difficult dogs or dogs who have trouble, we often find adopters just didn’t really understand what they were getting into. We try to explain, but until you get a dog home, it’s hard to know what you can handle. We don’t want to get back home to find a placement has not worked and the adopter plans to dump the dog at a shelter.

So with very placeable and easy-going dogs, we will consider out-of-state adoptions. What to do?

1. Call Anna at (949) 400-5735 or email her at 

It’s important for us to get to know you if you are trying to adopt out of state. So please give Anna a call at (949) 400-5735.

2. Fill out an adoption application and go through the adoption process as usual (see above). 
Just like with a regular adoption, we’d like to know more about you.

3. Work with us and a local rescue to do a home check and provide us with photos of your yard and your home.

4. Make travel arrangements to come to Los Angeles to pick up the dog, or pay for travel arrangements for one of us to travel with the dog to you.

For states adjoining California, it may be possible to arrange driving here or reimbursing us mileage to go to you, or it’s possible to arrange air travel for either you to come to us and travel with the dog in the cabin. We DO NOT ship animals.



Sammie  here has found her forever home!

Sammie here has found her forever home!

Hannibal and Clarice  are brother and sister! They found a home together!

Hannibal and Clarice are brother and sister! They found a home together!


Adoption policies

We reserve the right to refuse to allow an adoption. Sometimes, a bad fit is a bad fit.  For example, we routinely reject adopters because of ungated and unfenced backyard pools. We have had too many beautiful little Pekes drown in pools or otherwise suffer because of poor house and pool design. If an adopter is unwilling or unable to fence off the pool, we will reject that application. There are other things that will result in reject: landlords who are waffling about whether the dog is allowable or not, larger dogs in the home that may injure one of our little buddies, etc. It's not personal: we HATE saying no, and it KILLS us to turn down nice people. But sometimes we have to. 

Spay/neuter.  If the adopter has other animals, we expect that those animals are neutered or spayed. In Los Angeles, it’s the law to spay and neuter all pet animals unless you are a licensed breeder and the dog has a special license to remain intact. We expect our adopters to comply with these rules. We will make exceptions if the animal in question is too young to be altered or has a medical condition.

Godmothers, Godfathers, and Co-Adopters.  We have many animals that come to us because owners pass away and have made no provision for their animals. Animals can suffer terribly when this happens.  Thus to protect the dog and help adopters make provision in case something happens, we ask that  adopters have a family member or close friend who is willing to be the co-adopter. In the event that the adopter is no longer able to care for the dog, the co-adopter commits to taking the dog either a) as a permanent custodian or, failing that, b)  caring for the dog until it can be returned to an Alura representative. 

Adoption Criteria

We weigh four primary concerns in determining whether we can place animals. These criteria are:

  1. The animal’s safety;

  2. The suitability of the prospective adopter, their home, and lifestyle to a particular dog’s personality and health needs, including the special needs that arise with the pet;

  3. The pet ownership history of the applicant;

  4. Rental agreements and home stability: and

  5. Whether the family has experience with Pekingese.